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Talent Fund Helps Retain Employees

It’s a situation every business faces.

When a worker at JC Electric LLC required an extended leave to address a personal matter, the loss of that expertise at the electrical contracting company in St. Johns could have hindered JC Electric’s ability to attend to all its customers’ needs.

Instead, JC Electric didn’t miss a beat.

“Because of all the training we continue to do, the guys were able to take over his projects without any concern at all and allow him the time to take care of his personal situation,” said Dawn Hart-Allen, JC Electric administrative assistant.

That training is made possible through the Going PRO Talent Fund, a statewide program that awards money to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current and newly hired employees.

Teri Sand, business manager at Capital Area Michigan Works!, said the training made possible through the talent fund is invaluable in helping a company retain employees.

“When a company invests in its employees through training and development, it shows the company is committed to its workers,” Sand said. “So many of the folks that have been job-hopping are often claiming it’s because they didn’t feel there was an opportunity for growth; they felt stagnant. This is one way a company can show it’s willing to invest in its employees.”

Sand said applications for the Going PRO Talent Fund should open in September. Contact Michigan Works! at 800-285-WORKS for more information.