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TechSmith Consolidates Under One East Lansing Roof

Like any flourishing tech company, TechSmith Corp. relies on collaboration and teamwork among its employees to ensure success.

But until very recently, TechSmith was scattered across five buildings, making working together more difficult. CEO Wendy Hamilton said the company needed to be under one roof in a space that accommodated hybrid work, supported collaboration and connectivity, and “reflected who we are as TechSmithies.”

“TechSmith is a midsized tech company with Midwest values and culture built on trust and support,” Hamilton said. “We wanted to enable relationship building across all employees, regardless of level or department.”

In September, TechSmith moved into its new, 63,000-square-foot headquarters on the Michigan State University campus at the corner of Crescent and Harrison roads in East Lansing.

The MSU Foundation developed and owns the facility, which combines innovative technology with aesthetic design. Microphones placed in the ceiling amplify voices during meetings, interactive whiteboards enable both remote and conference room participants to brainstorm together while separated physically, and design considerations leverage natural light to maintain a connection to the outdoors and enhance well-being.

MSU Foundation Executive Director David Washburn said TechSmith is the anchor for its vision of an innovation park on campus.

“We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to assist on this project, and I think MSU will lead in the space for years to come,” Washburn said.

TechSmith is learning how to be intentional about in-office work while still offering employees flexibility regarding where and when to work.

In the meantime, Hamilton is delighted with the new facility.

“It just feels different being here,” she said. “I enjoy the impromptu conversations, the tree-filled views outdoors and a nicer office setup than at home. I had only planned to come in a few days a week, but I come in every day.”