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Ultium Facility Could Be a Boon for Region

The Lansing location is expected to create 1,700 new manufacturing jobs.

When Ransom E. Olds started the Olds Motor Vehicle Co. in Lansing in 1897, no one imagined the city developing into a dominant manufacturing hub worldwide.

“In Michigan — and in Lansing, especially — manufacturing and the auto industry are in our DNA,” said Cindy Kangas, executive director of the Capital Area Manufacturing Council. “So, it’s exciting to see that we’re starting to rebuild and that there are new factories coming in that will not only support GM but support manufacturing as a whole.”

Kangas was referencing the Ultium Cells battery-cell manufacturing plant scheduled to open in Lansing in late 2024.

Ultium Cells is a joint venture between General Motors and LG Energy Solution, with the two companies investing $2.6 billion in the 2.8-million-square-foot Lansing factory — the third Ultium Cells battery manufacturing plant in the United States. The Lansing location is expected to create 1,700 new manufacturing jobs.

Grace Griffin, Ultium Cells Lansing plant director, is looking forward to what the plant will bring to the community.

“Ultium Cells is excited to partner with the Greater Lansing community to bring advanced battery cell manufacturing to the region — and, in turn, local high-tech jobs, education, career training and infrastructure,” Griffin said.

Kangas agreed.

“I’m always excited to see new manufacturers coming into the Lansing area,” she said. “When one factory comes in, especially one like this battery cell plant, you’ll see other suppliers for that factory coming in as well. I think manufacturing in mid-Michigan is growing and thriving.”


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