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Socially Responsible Entrepreneur — One North Kitchen & Bar: Scott Berman Builds Business Strategy on the Four C’s

For Scott Berman, the pillars of his business strategy all face one direction: north. 

The owner of One North Kitchen & Bar, 5001 W. Saginaw Highway in Lansing, rests his business on the foundational support of the four C’s: culinary, courtesy, cleanliness, and caring and engaged employees. Berman’s approach is two-pronged in that by adhering to the four pillars, the hospitality industry is better equipped to serve the community. Conversely, putting an emphasis on staff members at every level builds a workforce who choose to be in the industry. 

That novel concept of focusing on people both in front of and behind the counter is one of the reasons Berman and One North earned the distinction of Socially Responsible Entrepreneur in the 2023 Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards. 

“It provides us reassurance that people do notice and care when you prioritize community and people on your way to any level of sustainable success we might achieve,” Berman said of the award. 

In the award category, the judges look at not only the philanthropic activities of the companies nominated, but how the mission of a company could fulfill social duties — recognizing how important local businesses are in making the world around us a better place.  

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