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Technology Titles: Five Unique Jobs That Spice Up Any Business Card

If it’s true that you sell the sizzle and not the steak, then the tech sector is the hibachi of industry. With job titles ranging from digital overlord (website manager) to cloud architect (glorified IT guy), the field has career posts that make any resume pop. Here’s five unusual jobs from the field.

Ethical Hacker

In order to foil a criminal, you have to think like a criminal. “I’ve been hacked” is a phrase that strikes as much terror and discomfort as “mandatory overtime” or “eat your Brussel sprouts.” But fear not! For every bad actor lurking around the virtual corner, there is an ethical hacker conducting security assessments and shoring up cyber-safety.

Drone Pilot

A drone pilot is someone who operates an unmanned aerial system registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. The drone operator is responsible for maintaining the drones, conducting safety tests, planning flight paths and gathering footage or images. We could speak at length about the specifics of this job, but we’re afraid we would drone on and on.

Video Game Tester

And to think your mom thought all those hours spent locked away in your room would never amount to anything. Turns out that you were simply going through the master’s program for your future career. A video game tester is exactly what it sounds like: You test a game’s features and work out the bugs and kinks before it’s released to the public.

Tech Evangelist

You don’t need bright spotlights, a shiny suit and helmet of perfectly coiffed hair or a fire-and-brimstone speech to be a tech evangelist, but you do need converts. A technology evangelist is part marketer, part sales person and part advocate whose job is to raise awareness and support for a company’s specific technological product or service. Can we get an amen?

Data Storyteller

Making the unwieldy more digestible and the complex easy to understand is the key to good storytelling. It’s the same concept for a data storyteller. The data storyteller takes all those musty numbers and stuffy analytics and weaves them into a compelling and insightful narrative for us common folk to understand. Charts and graphs can also be incorporated — because all the best stories have pictures.