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Top 10 Reasons to Vote in the November 3 General Election

As autumn approaches, many people in mid-Michigan look forward to the changing of the seasons: cooler nights, the leaves making their colorful finales and the sounds of football…

However, this being an even-numbered year, political junkies have their own reasons to eagerly anticipate the fall season: the political sign wars and the constant barrage of campaign mail, radio and TV commercials and the endless chatter about the outcomes of the November elections.

In Michigan, this year’s elections stand to be an interesting time with so many key leadership positions in play. In just a couple of short months we will have a new governor as well as new leaders in virtually every key legislative position—juxtaposed to historic economic upheaval, this stands to be a very important election for the future of our state.

Many small business owners ask me, “Why is it so important to vote this year?” In response, here are my Top 10 reasons to vote in 2010:

10. It is your civic duty.

9. Michigan is in need of transformational change. Michigan’s transformation must begin with our newly elected leaders.

8. Over 90 percent of the legislators will have fewer than two years of experience. It is incumbent upon us to elect the best and brightest to fill the leadership void.

7. Michigan’s tax structure is ranked as one of the worst from a competitive business perspective. Only the new governor and new Legislature can change it.

6. Two seats for the Michigan Supreme Court are open in this election. It’s important not to overlook these races. The decisions the Supreme Court makes have a direct impact on how you can or cannot run your business.

5. Michigan needs a new direction on economic development that fosters local, organic growth through economic gardening. This is not the same as our old hunting activity that picks winners and losers and places the tax burden on our local companies to the benefit of outside companies.

4. Michigan has three congressional seats in play that may determine the control of Congress.

3. All of the executive positions (governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and attorney general) are open. The newly elected House members will be selecting a new Speaker of the House and the newly elected Senate members will be selecting new Majority Leader.

2. While many politicians give lip service to how they “support” small business, this election is our opportunity to hold them accountable to a pro-small business agenda.

1. The world is run by those who show up; it is time for small businesses to show up at the polls.

Stay informed on the 2010 elections, as well as the legislative and regulatory issues affecting small business owners at SBAM’s action center website: sbam.org/Action.

David Palsrok is vice president government relations for the Lansing-based Small Business Association of Michigan. He can be contacted at david.palsrok@sbam.org.



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