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Preparing to Open

Five tips for reopening business safely, from strategic thinking to new cleaning practices.

Think Strategically About Your Business

Before reopening, make a checklist of what you need to operate your business effectively. If you reopen your business in Michigan but your supplier in Ohio has not reopened, that is going to be a problem. Be sure that your plan is in place for your reopening.

New Cleaning Products

Now more than ever, people will be looking at the cleanliness of their space. Start thinking about how you can protect your customers and employees with new cleaning guidelines and rules. People might take a while to get comfortable going to businesses again, and demonstrating your commitment to cleanliness will put them more at ease. Actions speak louder than any words could.

Workspace Changes and Hygiene

Even when businesses reopen, there may be restrictions. Think about what rules may stay in place like limiting the number of people in a building at one time or continuing 6-foot social distancing. Rethinking workspaces may be necessary. Consider investing in touchless or low-contact door handles and light switches.

Business Changes in a Post COVID-19 World

Start thinking about some changes you could make to improve your business that people have enjoyed during the stay-at-home order. Things like online ordering, curbside pickup and online classes are great ways that some people might want to continue interacting with your business even when you reopen your doors. It might be time to expand those parts of your business permanently.

More Flexible Work-From-Home Policies

If anything has been learned from this pandemic, it is how fast an illness can spread. Maintaining your employees’ option to work from home and providing the tools to be productive when they are feeling under the weather is a perk your employees may appreciate. Besides increasing job satisfaction (and probably long-term productivity), keeping a flexible work-from-home policy will keep colds and flus from spreading throughout the office.



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