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Prepping for Prosperity

Morning routines can set the tone for the rest of the day.

Morning routines can set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s a time to bring your energy and attitude into focus to face and tackle the challenges and events that await. Here are five a.m. habits of successful entrepreneurs.


Early to Rise

Getting out of bed just as the workday is about to begin adds unneeded stress to the day. Rising while the rest of the world sleeps provides a quiet moment of reflection where you can focus your energies.


Outline Your Goals

Zoning in on what you plan to accomplish for the day helps establish your priorities and take control of your time. As an added bonus, it assists in avoiding distractions.


Meditate or Exercise

Exercise balances the body and the mind by increasing energy and sharpening memory and thinking skills. Meditation quiets the spirit to help harness relaxation and reduce stress.


Hang Up the Phone

Checking your calendar, email and social media accounts as soon as your feet hit the floor is going to start the day with stress. Take a breath for yourself and ease into the workday at your own pace.


Fuel Up

Your body and mind need to stay sharp and precise as the day goes on. Be sure you give yourself the fuel in the morning needed to kickstart your metabolism and stay healthy.


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