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Using Technology to Spread the DEI Message

When preparing to write this article, it got me thinking about how technology can play a big part in the work we do as diversity, equity and inclusion leaders, champions and practitioners; however, it is a lost opportunity for so many businesses.

Using technology as part of an organization’s overall DEI strategies can be very effective. For example, gathering data from employee surveys can assist an organization with a clearer understanding of where it stands in terms of DEI, based on what the team and/or clients share. Analyzing the data from DEI surveys can assist an organization on how to create clear DEI benchmarks, monitor overall progress and make changes when needed.

According to McKinsey & Co., a recent study found that 39% of job applicants take inclusiveness into account when making career decisions. Organizations that use an applicant tracking system find that this can assist them in removing implicit bias during the recruitment process. An applicant tracking system can also assist in scheduling interviews and score interview answers while managing diverse hiring teams within the organization.

Another great way to use technology within the organization is achieved through a strong DEI marketing strategy. DEI champions should work with their marketing department to create a yearlong marketing plan to promote the organization’s commitment to inclusion. This can be done by creating strong DEI messages that are shared on the organization’s social media accounts, as well as on television monitors in the lobby, lunchroom, hallways and conference rooms. This strategy can be very effective, especially when recognizing and sharing important dates and history as it relates to DEI.

The new year will bring new technology, and DEI champions should be prepared to learn and use this to assist them in spreading a strong and effective DEI message.

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