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‘We Have the Technology’: Lansing’s Advancements in Medicine

Say you’re at a cocktail party and your particular clique lands on the topic of “cutting-edge medical technology.” Off the top of your head, what would come to mind? Sleek bioni…

Say you’re at a cocktail party and your particular clique lands on the topic of “cutting-edge medical technology.” Off the top of your head, what would come to mind? Sleek bionic limbs? Lasers? 

While all of these have their roots in the real-life bleeding edge of medical technology, more often than not simple connectivity is driving innovation in Lansing hospitals. Area hospitals have injected intuitive telecommunication and all-encompassing databases in an effort to keep the process of treating mid-Michigan residents as efficiently as possible.

McLaren of Greater Lansing is currently using a bit of elementary new tech to bring victims of strokes closer to the front line of treatment. 

“McLaren Greater Lansing is preparing to join the McLaren Tele-Network via Telestroke with the addition of the InTouch Vici robot for use in stroke cases,” said McLaren Greater Lansing Registered Nurse Neuro Program Coordinator Jeneen Hinkle. “This technology will revolutionize the ability of physicians and staff at McLaren Greater Lansing to consult with other top-level experts at a moment’s notice.” 

The InTouch Vici robot consists of a tall white pylon mounted on a dolly, fitted with a drawer for materials, a monitor to display the chosen medical professional’s face and a fully adjustable camera. 

“The InTouch Vici uses an integrated system to share health information instantaneously with a neurointerventionalist, while at the same time streaming two-way audio and video for the physicians and patient to hear and see each other,” said Hinkle. “The compact device can be moved at a moment’s notice, with an equally agile camera system that ensures a neurointerventionalist can see and hear exactly what they would be able to if they were physically in the room with a patient.” 

For McLaren this means more quickly determining the best course of immediate action when faced with patients who have experienced large vessel occlusion strokes, a critical condition that requires critical timing. 

Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital is another area facility stepping up its game in the way of patient-physician connectivity. 

“Three years ago, we implemented Lightbeam’s claims-based software solution at Hayes Green Beach’s facility,” said HGB Chief Integration Officer Patrick Sustrich. “It is unlike more publicized pieces of medical tech in that it’s implications reach our entire Medicare population.” 

Lightbeam is essentially a health care database that quickly and easily collects data from any given patient’s medical experiences and allows physicians to generate accurate, actionable insights. 

“It is far more robust than typical EMR (electronic medical record), which is limited in what one can plug into the system, whereas Lightbeam collects everything patients are experiencing through the health care system regardless of where they go or what they do,” Sustrich said.

This tech can allow HGB and hospitals like it to keep tabs on patients resulting in a manageable, complete picture of an individual’s current condition. 

“In the past, health care has been largely reactionary,” said Sustrich. “Patients often sit at home and wait until the need to present themselves to a physician arises. What we are able to do with Lightbeam is identify high-risk patients, individuals with multiple chronic illnesses and diseases, and intervene by getting them into immediate contact with community paramedics, nurses, social workers, etc.” 

As daunting as it may sound, predictive medical databases are nothing but a plus to the people of Greater Lansing, as the driving forces of this technology is prevention, a higher quality of care, patient satisfaction and a reduction of health care costs.

Lansing’s health care ecosystem is bounding into the future while focusing on what really matters: How well a provider can interact with their patients. With the introduction of some quality fundamental tech solutions, the area can look forward to smoother hospital visits and care that’s two steps ahead of anything that ails them. 


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