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Today’s business owners and their management staffs often spend a majority of their workday busy, gathering company information necessary to make key management decisions. But …

Business intelligence, according to Kevin Wesley, partner at Lehman, Wesley & Associates, is described as exposing data within the enterprise in order to make it usable and functional for everyone involved. Business intelligence assists companies by giving management knowledge of what the day-to-day operations and activities within the business are, including what is happening in real time, so that management can make comprehensive and knowledgeable decisions based on the information that is available.

Founded by Bernie Lehman and Wesley in 1998, Lehman, Wesley & Associates is a full-service software and IT consulting company. On the IT side of the business, Lehman, Wesley & Associates provides infrastructures, networks and workstations to its clients; on the business side, the company offers resource planning and customer relations management software, all of which are strengthened by business intelligence software.

Lehman, Wesley & Associates offers business intelligence software to its customers by reselling a variety of Sage Software products from Sage North America, including Sage MAS 200 ERP and SageCRM. Sage North America is the North American operating company of UK-based The Sage Group plc. A leading global supplier of business management software and services, Sage North America has delivered easy-to-use, customizable software for accounting, customer relationship management, human resources, merchant services, time tracking, and the specialized needs of the construction, distribution, healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit and real estate industries for more than 30 years.

The Sage MAS 200 ERP is a resource package that encompasses many different parts of an enterprise (including financials, manufacturing and materials control, and inventory control) and uses Sage mass intelligence to bring together all the information in a usable environment, essentially in a desktop.

SageCRM, which stands for customer relations management, is also created with built-in intelligence and allows users to create customizable intelligent dashboards. Bringing together such details as lead management, contact management, even e-mail marketing, SageCRM brings all information into one usable dashboard layout, allowing Lehman, Wesley & Associates’ customers to see many different aspects of their organization on one screen.

These programs can even be altered and combined to meet the unique demands of each individual business.

According to Wesley, business intelligence tools can benefit every level of business.

“Any organization can benefit from business intelligence products, even the small mom-and-pop organizations,” Wesley says. “It is often difficult to go out and do numerous reports that have these different pieces of information. What the intelligence products do is actually pull those pieces of active data from their respective applications and bring them together into a spreadsheet or graphing utility automatically.”

By utilizing business intelligence tools organizations are ultimately able to quickly make key, money-saving decisions.

Wesley further explains that, “If I have a salesman out on the field and I want to know what he or she is actively doing, my CRM application can alert me if a new sale or a new lead has been entered into the system. I do not have to go sit with that salesperson and ask what he or she did today. I can actively see him be proactive without directly interacting, and again maintain my management control.”

Likewise, larger organizations using business intelligence software are also at an advantage as it enables top management to monitor all business information and happenings without the need to constantly ask middle management to make numerous reports.

According to Wesley, the use of business intelligence software has grown substantially over the past decade. This growth, in part, is due to the back-end infrastructure and Web reporting abilities that are now possible. Thanks to business intelligence software and modern technology, those in management positions are able to receive real-time data reports at their desks, on their laptops in a home office and even on their Smartphones.

“That underlying database and programming have really exposed those pieces that have always been there in a traditional environment, but somebody always had to write the reports,” Wesley says.

Moving forward, new business intelligence tools continue to emerge. This fall Lehman, Wesley & Associates will begin offering SageFundraising and SageFund Accounting. These products have been created for nonprofits, designed around grant reporting requirements and tailored to meet the specific needs of fund management and fundraising.

According to Wesley, the business intelligence tools provided by Lehman, Wesley & Associates not only have the ability to improve a business’s bottom line but to alleviate difficult management decisions as well.

“It comes back to working smarter not harder,” Wesley says. “When you utilize the business intelligence tools you are really making your job easier.”

Author: Joanne Jansz.
Photography: Terri Shaver.

Lehman, Wesley & Associates

Kevin Wesley, Partner

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