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We’re getting closer. As a business owner in Lansing for nearly two decades, I’ve had the privilege of occupying a front-row seat to the surging tide of our city’s rejuvenation….

We’re getting closer.

As a business owner in Lansing for nearly two decades, I’ve had the privilege of occupying a front-row seat to the surging tide of our city’s rejuvenation. I’m also a supporter of those behind the scenes working the pulleys and levers in an effort to build upon the momentum of the city’s rising renaissance.

With each new community-focused development and every community-benefiting initiative, the Greater Lansing region is more fully realizing its revitalization. 2019 was a significant year for the area, with many large-scale projects proposed or moving along swiftly toward completion. From the cranes dotting the horizon of downtown East Lansing to the construction crews churning the soil and working skyward at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Larch Street in Lansing, the sounds and views signal the strong vital signs of a region on a robust rebound.

There seems to be no slowing down.

At the fourth annual Economic Forecast Forum held in East Lansing in early January, economic experts from the Michigan Department of Treasury and U.S. Federal Reserve Bank predicted that the state’s strong economy is likely to continue in 2020.

Martin Lavelle, a business economist from the Detroit branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, told forum attendees that a recession in Michigan is unlikely this year, with low unemployment rates and high consumer confidence expected to continue.

That’s no small news for Greater Lansing. A solid economy is the foundation for continued growth and development on both the residential and commercial fronts. That development, in turn, spurs job growth as well as regional strength and stability.

Much has been said and written about Lansing’s comeback – and with good reason. We are dedicating this issue of Greater Lansing Business Monthly to real estate. From Gillespie Group’s optimistic outlook on Lansing’s future and Wayfair’s planned expansion into Meridian Township to the resurrection of the once-blighted F.C. Mason building in St. Johns and housing market predictions from local real estate experts, there are plenty of positives to talk and write about.

The days of Lansing being considered the “flyover state” of Michigan – that place you had to pass through on your way to Detroit or Grand Rapids – are over. Our region has earned back its well-deserved reputation as a destination. It’s taken a decade to get this far. There is still more to come that will define our uniqueness and enhance our attractiveness as the place in Michigan to live, work and play, but we are taking steps forward with each passing week.

Lansing is on the rise, and we can all soar higher on these shifting winds of positive change. If you see a role you can fill, consider taking it on.


Tiffany Dowling




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