A Sweet Treat for Valentine's Day

My daughter just turned 11 … yep she is growing up! I think these are the tween years. When she was in elementary school we would always …

My daughter just turned 11 … yep she is growing up! I think these are the tween years. When she was in elementary school we would always have so much fun picking out cute Valentine’s Day cards for her to exchange with her classmates. Now that she is getting older, I’m not sure they exchange the cute cartoon or kitty cat valentines in middle school. I do know she will probably still want to give sweet treats to her close friends and I will encourage her to give her teachers a little something special too. So for this month I wanted to come up with a craft idea we could use as Valentine’s Day giveaways. This craft can be designed for any kind of occasion and contain any kind of party favor!
I would love to see your finished Quick Craft. If you create this craft or any of the crafts featured in the DIY Quick Craft please take a picture and email it to me at jhodges@cawlm.com. Happy Crafting!
Vegetable can – with a pop top opener (Be sure to get cans that have a lip in the bottom.)
Can opener
Variety of colored and/or printed paper
Valentine’s Day stickers
Paper cutter and/or scissors
Valentine’s Day candy
Sandwich bags
Glue Gun, glue or adhesive
Open can from the BOTTOM with a can opener, wash and dry — 4 min.
Measure paper to cut and wrap around the body of the empty can — 3 min.
Trace the bottom of the can to create a circle (this will be used to close the can) and set aside — 1 min.
Hot glue the measured paper to fit around the body of the can. You can cut additional pieces of paper to add layers — 5 min.
Place stickers on the front of the can (decorate and have fun) — 2 min.
Add ribbon around the can (be creative) — 2 min.
Cut the sandwich bag seal and fill with your favorite Valentine’s Day candy. Tie a ribbon around the bag.
Place the candy bag in the can upside down (when the can is opened using the pop top opener the candy will be positioned correctly) — 1 min.
Hot glue the additional cut circle piece to the bottom of the can to seal
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