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Omar Sofradzija

Omar Sofradzija was a journalist in Nevada and Illinois who covered everything from car crashes to Hurricane Katrina before moving to Michigan in 2007, where at Michigan State University he has advised the student-run newspaper and taught journalism classes.

Articles by Omar Sofradzija

Old Town, New Tricks: Lansing neighborhood district looks to reengage shoppers

What’s old is new again.   Lansing’s Old Town has the distinction of being the city’s original shopping and boutique district, but business owners are put…

Still Climbing Higher: On the Record with Pete Kramer of Kramer Management Group

It’s been a busy year for Pete Kramer since the company he founded and leads, Kramer Management Group, was named Business of the Year in the 2022 Entrepreneu…

Charging Toward the Future: Consumers Energy’s Bethany Tabor talks EV Transformation

Bethany Tabor recently had a pizza delivered to her home via an electric vehicle. While that may seem cool now, she hopes EVs are just another ho-hum way to …

In good times and bad: Looking at the insurance landscape with Adam Gilroy

You could say insurance is Adam Gilroy’s intrinsic inheritance. Gilroy’s late father, Nelson, started Capital Insurance Services in 1980, and Gilroy has b…

A testament to ‘try’ — Ody Norkin rallies Greater Lansing and the world in Ukraine relief effort

When Greater Lansing resident Ody Norkin saw televised images of Ukrainian innocents seeking refuge amid a Russian onslaught, he knew he had to do something….

Andre Hutson still inspires others to get off the bench

Andre Hutson certainly found success in mid-Michigan as a young man. During his four years on the Michigan State University men’s basketball squad, his teams…