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Susan Combs

Susan Combs is a professional credentialed coach who helps clients enhance their leadership skills. She manages corporate mentor programs, the ATHENA WIN Executive Connections groups and Leadership Lansing. She is a licensee of the Fit Leader Program. Visit SusanCombsCoaching.com.

Articles by Susan Combs

Ask Workers How They Feel about Returning to the Office

This summer I’ve been canvassing clients on their organizations’ return-to-work timeline and structure. All structures are in play depending on the company, …

Summer Business Reads

Two great books to add to your summer reading list are “Lead to Lift Up Others: Leadership Insights From a Caregiver’s Perspective” and “Inclusify: The Power…

Mentoring Can Help Your Company’s Female Stars Shine

Back in 2018, I was approached to help develop a pilot mentor program aimed at developing more women leaders at a global company of 2,100 employees. The pilo…

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