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2011 Holiday Gift Guide

The people at MSU Federal Credit Union know a thing or two about making dreams — including those of the holiday variety — come true. Pair…

The people at MSU Federal Credit Union know a thing or two about making dreams — including those of the holiday variety — come true. Pair that knowledge with the gift-giving expertise that can be found at Motion Marketing & Media (M3), and you’ve got the ultimate collection of wants and needs to suit any shopping list. So, no matter who you are buying for this year — the grandmother, the pet-lover, the book worm or the video game fanatic — this group has you covered with plenty of ideas and suggestions.
Happy Holidays from MSU Federal Credit Union and Motion Marketing & Media!
For the Philanthropist
Patrick McPharlin, President and CEO, MSU Federal Credit Union: For Christmas this year, I would like to have a donation made to a local charity instead of gifts. Some of my favorite causes include the Wharton Center endowment for Arts Education, the Greater Lansing Food Bank, child and family charities and more. There are so many local families and agencies in need all year, not only during the holidays.
For the Book Worm
April Clobes, Executive Vice President, MSU Federal Credit Union: My favorite gift is still the same as when I was younger. I would like gift certificates to the book store. When I was young, I read all of the young adult books the library offered. Then, I discovered the book store and there were so many books to be read! I still feel like there is not enough time to read all the books I would like, but a gift certificate could help me make a dent.
For the Grandmother
Sue Carter, MSU Professor and member of the MSUFCU Board of Directors: Many years ago I received a brown leather knapsack and have traveled with it all over the world. Now that I have a second grandson, I would like to “break in” a second knapsack. That way, both Benjamin and Harry will have a souvenir, and an heirloom, from their globe-trotting grandmother. It will be a fine remembrance, and an encouragement to tackle the world themselves.
For the #lovelansing Fan
Cheryl Speier, MSU Professor and member of the MSUFCU Board of Director: For those who love to buy local, A Soup Spoon “mug club” membership! A hand-crafted ceramic mug created by potters from the Clayworks Pottery co-op filled with Michigan Craft Beer.. Enjoy the wonderful food at the Spoon on Michigan Avenue in Lansing, while drinking Michigan beer in a locally-crafted mug.
For the Mother-of-the-Bride
Angela Brown, Vice Chair MSUFCU Board of Directors: I would like a new dress for my daughter’s wedding.  I have looked at a few styles but have not spent the time to determine what I want or what color works best. I want to make my daughter and future son-in-law proud of their Mom on their wedding day.
For the Movie Buff
Anna Daugherty, The Bugler at M3: Any movie buff would love to adorn their walls with film posters from locally-owned Video to Go in Frandor. Choose from a wide selection of artwork from recent films, and at $2-$5 each, you can’t beat the price. They’ve also got a huge inventory of those hard-to-find flicks sure to satisfy any film fanatic on your list.
For the Diva
Emily Caswell, Discussion Diva at M3: The time has come for the Diva in your life (me) to own a spectacular designer hand bag. I’ve got Coach, Kate Spade and more, but what I truly want is something so amazing it’s breathtaking. The Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 with shoulder strap is exactly what the Diva ordered. Please and thank you! Found in department and Louis Vuitton stores.
For the Baker
Lisa Twenter, Graphicsionado at M3: The baker in your life is far too busy piping frosting onto chocolate cupcakes to worry about the flour and butter she has just gotten all over herself. Keep the pastry chef in your life spic-and-span with the Baker’s Delight apron by Anthropologie. This apron is kitschy and feminine, yet ensures that you will not be crying over spilled milk. Find it at www.anthropologie.com.
For the Shoe Lover
Tiffany Dowling, Chief Conversation Starter at M3: It’s so hard to choose, so this Christmas, ask Santa for both the pumps and the boots for the shoe lover in your life. The Levity Estee Pump,just under $50 and the Dollhouse Cyprian Boot(shown on right), just under $60 can be found at DSW. With the pump, you’ll get a great look in a menswear inspired heel. It perfectly complements your business attire. Then, step up your style with the boot. With its fierce platform and buckle detailing, it will rock your style.
For the Cook
Peter Ruffing, Vision Engagement Officer at M3: The Back to Basics Egg N’ Muffin Toaster is a kitchen multi-tasker’s delight. Everyone has time for breakfast with this ingenious invention. Pop in an English muffin and drop in an egg and four minutes later you’re out the door with handful of morning giddyup! You can find it at Target for under $35.
For the Family
Jennifer Hodges, Senior Media Buyer at M3: For a family who likes to travel, hopefully Santa will deliver new luggage. I am always so envious of people in the airport pushing their luggage with ease. We have added to our list the Samsonite Spinner Luggage. It features four multi-directional Spinner wheels allowing 360 degree upright rolling in any direction.. This luggage comes in a variety of sizes and styles to fit everyone’s personality and needs. Pieces range from $125 to $250.
For the Techie:
Ryan Knott, The Jammer at M3: Techies maybe notoriously difficult to buy for (doesn’t it always seem like we already have everything?), but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Any techie would be thrilled to add an Apple TV to their home entertainment system. Apple TV, available at apple.com or any local Best Buy, allows you to buy or rent HD-quality movies and TV shows from iTunes, as well as stream content all over your high-speed internet connection. And, at just $99, that’s a lot of functionality for a relatively small price.
For the Loft Dweller
Mary McElgunn, Design Chica at M3: Keep the loft dweller on your list warm and cozy this winter with an indoor personal fireplace. With a price tag starting around $100, there is a wide range of designs, colors and sizes to choose from. There’s nothing better than the ambiance of a fire during the holiday season and those without a fireplace (like myself) shouldn’t have to miss out.
For the Pet Lover
Julie Becker, Ideation Specialist at M3: Who says Christmas cookies have to be star-, angel- or tree-shaped? Whether you’re making homemade treats for your pet or the more popular human variety, these Martha Stewart dog cookie cutters are sure to sweeten the presentation. Available in two sizes, each set contains a fire hydrant, dog house, squirrel and acorn cookie cutter for just $6.99 at Petsmart. BONUS: each set comes with a free dog biscuit recipe.
For the Video Game Buff
Kyle Dowling, Office Inquisitor at M3: Any fan of Nintendo, young or old, will love the new Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Wii. The 25 year anniversary of Zelda brings a refreshing look at the franchise.

A few shopping tips from MSU Federal Credit Union Executive Vice President, April Clobes

Set a personal budget and stick to it!
If you know you’re limited on cash this holiday season — figure out how much you can truly afford to spend without dipping into savings or delving into too much debt. Set spending limits on gift purchases and do your best not to go over that.  

If you have to put something on your credit card, you might want to think about putting it on your lowest rate card. Pass up the small discount you might get by opening a store card…retail credit cards often have interest rates in the 20 percent range. In the end, it’s not worth it. Consider MSUFCU’s VISA Classic….with a low 12.9 percent APR and no annual fee, you can’t beat that.
Organize a family gift exchange to reduce costs for everyone!
If you’ve got a lot of people to buy for, talk to your family or friends about organizing a gift exchange. Let everyone take a few moments to write down their name and a few gift ideas and into the hat it goes! Set a price limit that is reasonable for everyone, and choose a name from the hat. That way, you’ve only got to worry about finding a gift for your crazy Uncle Harold, and not gifts for every family member.
Compare, Compare, Compare!
Check the Sunday ads, merchant websites, and ask around. This isn’t exclusive to the holiday season, but discounts and other specials are especially helpful (and abundant) this time of year.
Make Your Own!
Make things if you can — décor, cards, gifts, wrapping, etc. The initial supply costs might not be as cheap as you’d like, but you can probably get more for your money … plus, you made it! Nothing beats a homemade gift.
Need ideas? I’ll be checking out the following websites this holiday season to see what I can craft up for my home and family!

These sites have great ideas for guys and girls who might want to take the homemade gift route. Revamp old furniture, consider photography related gifts, or screen printed gifts for friends and family. The possibilities are endless.


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