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A Healing Practice: Toni Thomas brings balance to others at Salt Yoga

The inner presence and knowledge discovered on her own past journey are assisting Toni Thomas to serve as a guide for others in the present. 

“Yoga is 100% a cup-filler for me. I do not currently benefit financially from owning a yoga studio. So, I really love to share this practice. I love how it makes other people feel. I love how it has the power to heal,” said Thomas, owner of Salt Yoga, 1306 E. Michigan Ave. in East Lansing. “For example, we have a 12-step yoga class for 12-step recovery. That class has been amazing for people to work through all aspects of recovery. I have seen over the years how much yoga can heal, outside of just the physical body. Yoga is just not a part of me that I’m willing to let go right now, even if financially it’s not necessarily meeting our needs.” 

Thomas opened Salt Yoga is June 2019 several months before the birth of her third child and a few more months before the coronavirus pandemic. The studio offers a variety of specialized classes for beginners to advanced students, from slow-flow and yin restorative yoga through the more physically demanding ashtanga vinyasa style; however, Salt Yoga specializes in classes combining yoga with halotherapy, a practice that incorporates salt into the air for respiratory and other benefits. 

Toni Thomas

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