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Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine (CAWLM) sat down with Tiffany Dowling, publisher of CAWLM and now host of “Capitol View,” a new T…

Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine (CAWLM) sat down with Tiffany Dowling, publisher of CAWLM and now host of “Capitol View,” a new TV show coming to mid-Michigan this fall. Read on to learn more about this exciting new endeavor.

What inspired you to start this project?

Well, it’s interesting. Obviously, when you have a magazine dedicated to women, there will be opportunities that come around. Someone from WLAJ ABC-53 came to me and said they were rebranding their station to be more women-focused, and so it was a natural partnership. Basically, we came together to take what’s great about CAWLM and put it into a TV format. It’s exciting; I love Lansing and I love being in this community. I love showcasing the women in our community that are doing great things, so having another outlet to express themselves is a fantastic next step.

Can you tell me about your co-hosts?

My co-hosts are women in the community who are doing interesting things and have great perspectives on a variety of topics. We have people who are leaders in big business, like April Clobes, who is the CEO of MSU Federal Credit Union. We also have women who own smaller businesses like Molly Chan, who I call a serial entrepreneur —she has multiple businesses and does remarkable things.

Then you have people who are inside businesses but have a lot of depth in their perspectives from past industries that they’ve worked in like Anne Craft, who’s worked in media, owned businesses and is involved with the education industry. I think she’ll bring new insights into how some of those industries are growing.

What are some topics you hope to cover?

It’ll be interesting to talk about some general topics that affect all of us – for example, social media and how it has changed the workplace and women’s lives. We’ll also talk about customer service and how that’s changed over the years and how we, as women, have higher expectations for what customer service should be, even more than men in some cases. I think topics like those will be fun to discuss, but they’ll also give viewers something to think about in their day-to-day lives, which really makes for good TV.

What are you most passionate about with this project?

For me, it’s about having a vehicle that can do what the magazine does but really showcases the great talents that women have, which gives our viewers a greater understanding of different topics in a short amount of time. For instance, we’re doing two-minute segments on a variety of topics that these ladies are bringing to the table. Taking a subject that may be complicated, or that may not be clear, or that there could be multiple perspectives on, and then educating the audience on it is exciting. We get to take what we’re already doing with the magazine to the next level. Essentially, we’re adding another platform. 

What do you hope will set Capitol View apart from other talk shows?

I think that for the Lansing area, it’s about having local guests on the show that you identify with and will probably cross paths with at some point. This makes the show that much more valuable to you. I think viewers like to see people that they may know or at least have seen before. It’s like when someone you know is on the cover of our magazine. It’s fun to go and read the next issue because it’s highly likely that you may recognize that person as well.

What channels will it be on & what time?

The timing varies. The TV show will air on ABC on Mondays right after “The View” on WLAJ ABC-53, so that would be at noon. Also, on the CW Network, it will air on Tuesdays at noon and on Sundays at 11 a.m.


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