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Best Of 517: Turkey Tips

In your quest for the perfect bird, you may be forgetting a few important tips.

In your quest for the perfect bird, you may be forgetting a few important tips.


Choose the right size turkey

Whether you’re in it for the long haul and planning on feeding a large crew or just want a simple small bird to stick with tradition, size matters when choosing your Thanksgiving bird. The general rule of thumb is planning on about 1 pound per person. That makes sure everyone has plenty to eat, and it may even leave you with some leftovers for turkey pot pie or hot turkey sandwiches.


To baste is a waste

Even the Butterball turkey experts say basting is a bit of a waste of your valuable time. In fact, the baste usually ends up in the bottom of your pan. Get under the bird’s skin with some herb-seasoned butter, making sure to spread the mixture evenly. Buttering or oiling the skin isn’t necessary for crispy skin, but you could try clarified butter for a bit of flavor.


Relax before you carve

During all that cooking time, the heat draws the juices into the center of the turkey. When you take it out of the oven, let it rest for a good 20 minutes. You’ll end up with slices that are moist because you’ve allowed time for the juices to redistribute. As much as you’ll be ready to eat by the time the turkey timer pops, that could make a huge difference in taste.



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