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Best of: Financial Matters

We spoke to several banks, companies and institutions for useful information on a variety of financial topics.

In our financial literacy-themed issue, 517 Magazine spoke with several banks, companies and institutions for useful information on a variety of topics. There are so many in the region, we couldn’t fit them all in. So, as we do with each issue, we polled our readers with this question/statement:

“Do you have a financial planner or wealth adviser/manager helping you achieve your financial goals? Are they doing a great job? Here is your chance to give them a shoutout.”

Our readers have spoken.

Among those mentioned and receiving high marks were Washington Avenue Advisors, Edward Jones, Nick Nauta/Shotwell Rutter Baer Financial Planners, Park Lake Advisors and Rehmann, to name a few.

But one name did stand out in our April poll.

Financial representative Grace Braatz-Opper of Modern Woodmen was lauded as being “super knowledgeable” and came highly recommended, with readers stating she put their best interests at heart. She was also referred to as caring and community minded. 517 Magazine reached out to Braatz-Opper  to ask what she loves most about her role.

“What I love most about being a financial adviser is helping make my clients’ dreams a reality,” she said. “There is nothing more rewarding than meeting with someone for the first time, gaining their trust and working together to achieve their financial goals.”

We also asked for comment on getting such a big response in our poll.

“I am incredibly thankful for the 517 community and am honored to serve them each and every day,” Braatz-Opper said. “There is no better feeling than residing in a community that is so supportive — especially in Old Town, where my office is located. I am proud to live and work in the 517.”

Missed seeing the people you work with in our poll results? It doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic — it just means you need to chime in on our polls to make your voice heard. See our polls for future issues at


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