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Boss Cider is Worth the Trip to Leslie

There’s a homeyness upon arrival. You might forget this is a place of business, instead mistaking it for the welcoming space hosted by a family member or friend.

Entering Boss Cider Co. , 139 S. Main St. in Leslie, is like entering a living room in a home that is prepared to entertain dozens of people. The decor is bright without being overbearing. I half expected a grandmotherly person to gently suggest for me to take off my hat and coat and place myself wherever I felt comfortable — and if you arrive during open hours, that just may happen.

Boss Cider is a family business. Founded by Jim and Megan Every, Jim Every’s mother, a retired schoolteacher and a former General Motors employee, is a co-owner and one of the managers of the establishment.

Jim Every has 20 years of experience making wine and beer, and he often frequented wine tours. When talking with people, he noticed a common thread: Everyone was happy. That emotion serves as the cornerstone for Boss Cider.

The name comes his desire to have a business that encourages people to be their own boss in life. He wants his business to empower people to do what they do well. Although the atmosphere is wonderfully welcoming, the magic can be found in the cider.

There are 14 ciders on tap that are done in-house. One of the first things visitors may notice is the effervescence of the cider. Ciders often have big bubble carbonation, but Boss Cider’s offerings cascade throughout the mouth with a velvety flavor that explodes in the most pleasing of ways.

Boss uses all-natural ingredients, which means much more than using natural flavorings. The products distinctively have no aftertaste. There’s only the natural flavor of goodness.

Yet all that refreshment needs to wash something down, which is why there is a diverse menu of snacks, shareables, salads, sliders, burgers, pasta and pizza.

Be your own boss and treat yourself to a trip to an oasis that uses the magic of alchemy to satisfy your cravings in the most delightful of ways.