Building Up Women, One Swing at a Time

The 2017 Lady Classic aims to help one organization bring new opportunities to local women Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine’s (CAW…

The 2017 Lady Classic aims to help one organization bring new opportunities to local women

Capital Area Women’s LifeStyle Magazine’s (CAWLM) annual Lady Classic event is more than just an indisputably enjoyable time, it’s a chance for the publication to give back to the women whose stories it’s such a privilege to tell. Each year, proceeds from the event go to the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, a non-profit organization that’s helped over 7,500 local women realize their potential and grasp their dreams.

The Women’s Center fosters support for women by providing them with innovative tools and research that will allow them to succeed and progress in multiple facets of their lives. Their unique approach to helping women in the community is unprecedented; any woman, regardless of economic status, career experience or really anything else, is welcomed with open arms and offered the opportunity to participate in career counselling, resume building workshops and other forms of support-based activities.

“What makes us unique, in comparison to other organizations, is the approach to helping the women who come here,” said Cindie Alwood, director of the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing. “We take women right where they are when they come in the door, with no judgment, no perceived ideas of where they should be or what they have or haven’t done, and we start right from there.”

The overarching goal in acting on these case by case acts of kindness are essentially to develop a community in which all women have an equal opportunity to achieve their unique potentials. The Women’s Center has been working diligently to make this vision a reality since opening its doors in 2005.

Not long after, Tiffany Dowling embarked on a new journey of her own, founding the local full-service branding agency M3 Group and taking ownership of CAWLM, Greater Lansing Business Monthly and Ing. Since then she’s served as a local voice for the advancement of Women’s rights and opportunities in the region, leveraging CAWLM as a platform to shine a spotlight on the plethora of amazing things women are achieving today. Therefore, developing the annual Lady’s Classic golf outing was the perfect opportunity to act on her philosophy and impact the lives of those most in need.

“The center is drastically changing the lives of women in the area and the way they think about the outcome of their lives,” said Dowling. “Myself and the CAWLM staff are proud of the hard work we’ve put forth to help this event grow over the years, because in the end we know it’s about something much more important. We see the magazine as a place to celebrate the strength of women in this community, so the idea of helping bring more women toward achievements — like those that we cover — is of incredible important to us.”

 Thanks to the graciousness of local sponsors, donors and the attendees at each year’s event, the Women’s Center can serve more women and continue their work to promote advancement by opening the doors of opportunity even more.  Participants in their different capacities, in turn, changes the lives of someone else. It’s a beautiful balance that brings a feeling of pride to those participating and a hint of courage to those looking to grasp their dreams.

“The proceeds from the event mean we get to open the doors another day — we are small operation,” remarked Alwood. “The money that we get goes to everything that we do and, without It, creates a hole. Any amount offered is very helpful.”

At last year’s Lady Classic event at Hawk Hollow, during which more than 120 attendees golfed for a good cause, $5,000 of funding was generated for the Women’s Center. This year, attendance is expected to rise and CAWLM is excited about the opportunity to continue making a difference. This year’s event will continue the traditions of a golf tournament, silent auction, caddy auction and more. If you’d like to take a swing at changing lives or simply want to flex your skills on the green, don’t hesitate to register. Visit us online at


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