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GLAMoms: Resources for Local Women

GLAMoms is Greater Lansing Area Moms — a resource network designed for local moms that serves our community both through a website and social media. Founded locally by Julie VanAcker and Christine McCallister, GLAMoms is part of the Local Moms Network.

Here at 517 Business & Life, we recognize that moms should be included in our mentions for Women’s History Month — and these two moms should be recognized for their service to the community, local businesses and area parents through their network.

We asked them to tell us what women have stood out to them in history who have inspired them to be the women they are today.

“My female inspiration came from the trailblazers who influenced who I am, a duo who were ahead of their day both professionally and personally — my grandmothers,” McCallister said.

VanAcker agreed: “My grandmother has inspired me most. She was an independent, fiery, kind soul who made things happen. … My mom is following in her footsteps. I am so fortunate to have had and still have such strong, positive role models in my life.”

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