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Capital Prime – Swank, Sophistication and Steaks

I can’t help it. I love swank. Any trip to a larger city I cannot wait to hit a hot, swanky, happening restaurant. That is why I am so ha…

I can’t help it. I love swank. Any trip to a larger city I cannot wait to hit a hot, swanky, happening restaurant. That is why I am so happy Capital Prime has come to Lansing. Especially since I have no great trips planned.
Capital Prime is Lansing’s happening place. Perfectly located behind the Eastwood Towne Center, it has a luxurious feel and a stellar menu. Not that this is the time of the year for it but …. there is also a totally cool patio area complete with lounges and fireplaces. Very Miami. I can see myself relaxing with my entourage on a mild evening in the future. The bar itself is large and sophisticated, often having live entertainment to enjoy as you sip a sophisticated cocktail. I feel like our local celebrities should be at each elbow. Oh wait! I’m here. Good enough.
Swank doesn’t do much good for long though. You need a good menu to back it up. The quality of the ingredients, the beautiful certified US Prime beef and inspired menu choices make Capital Prime a meal to remember.
Editor Emily and I met for our throw down at Prime. I was confounded by the appetizer choices. I wanted four. I am going to have to go back for the Coconut Curry Mussels and the Blue Crab and Avocado Timbale. They lost. However, we tucked into our Scallops Dynamite and Portabella and Tenderloin Stack with delight. The scallops were beautifully served on the half shell. They were tender, crusted with a spicy crab crust and then drizzled with basil oil. The meat and mushrooms were both meaty and tender at the same time and perfectly enhanced by a flavorful zip sauce that was heaven.
I rarely order soup, but since a chill had descended upon our sweet little metropolis I went wild and got the seafood chowder. It may have been my favorite part of the meal. Tender treasures from the sea swam in a deep and complex broth. It was rich and satisfying.
Emily and I went for uncomplicated dinner choices. We got the filet and Joe Mama’s Pile of Perch. The filet was like butter. It was exactly what you want when you are looking for a glorious carnivore moment. The pile of perch was delicate, with a bright lemon caper buerre blanc.
One interesting thing about the menu is that there has to be something for everyone. There are so many choices, all of them sounding delicious. The menu hits all kinds of taste notes, such as Caribbean, Italian, Mediterranean, etc. For example, along with the numerous beef, lamb, chicken and fish entrees there is the Sugar Smack Salmon, the Cabernet-Braised Short Ribs and the Penne Chipotle Chicken Alfredo. Throw in gluten-free and vegetarian options and everyone is happy.
Emily and I had to top our meal off with dessert. There is no messing around here at Capital Prime. It’s classics: crème brulee, carrot cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake, done. The cheesecake hit the mark as did the flourless chocolate cake. They were simple, uncomplicated and perfect.
Capital Prime is a special place. It’s beautiful, has great food and live entertainment. It is like a little trip to cool right here in Lansing.
Capital Prime
2324 Showtime Drive, Lansing
(517) 37PRIME
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