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Carleana Delacruz: Hairpins and Happiness

Carleana DeLaCruz is a professional hairstylist in East Lansing who specializes in cuts, color and bridal styling. Her hairstyling escapades have led her to travel around the world, from as close as Grand Rapids and Chicago to as far away as New York, Milan and London.

“I love to travel,” said DeLaCruz. “And I like to pull a lot of inspiration from the places that I’ve traveled. I often incorporate family vacations around different hair shows and hands-on classes. It’s great to be able to share so many new experiences with my children.”

When she’s not globe-trotting, her day-to-day job consists of maintaining her regular clientele’s haircuts and hair coloring in her studio, which she shares with the Joni Mendyk at Hair and Body Salon Suites. DeLaCruz’s love for the beauty industry is what drives her passion forward. “I love that it’s ever-evolving,” DeLaCruz explained. “We have the most incredible opportunity to help women to look and feel their best daily. And our careers can be so flexible, from being full time or part time to being avant-garde, traditional, editorial. The sky really is the limit for us.”

DeLaCruz sees all clients as special and likes to help them find the style that fits them.

“If my client wants a trendy, quirky cut, that’s what they get,” DeLaCruz explained. “We talk about what’s right for their hair texture and face shape, of course, but the result depends on their wants and needs.”

DeLaCruz and her daughters also enjoy classic, vintage movies, like “Roman Holiday,” “The Great Gatsby” and “Charade.”

“I’m always paying attention to the hairstyling and going over all aesthetics of the movie,” said DeLaCruz. “I love incorporating vintage details into upstyles and finishing work.”

For her daughters, DeLaCruz likes to set a can-do attitude. She likes to set an example by showing them that hard work and determination can get them what they want.

“My husband, Shaun, and I always want to encourage our girls to never stop working hard and learning,” said DeLaCruz.

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