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Crowning Achievement: A TV-Inspired Makeover Gets the Royal Treatment

At first, I found myself curiously looking for cracks in plaster and peeling paint — any slight sign that people who live in palaces are just like us.

However, I soon realized my studying of every castle wall in “The Crown” was becoming research.

Like the royals, I also have a collection of beloved trinkets, meaningful paintings, curious sculptures and old books. Yet my style, I thought, is far too bohemian to be able to pull off regal looks.

But then I saw it.

My dining room light fixture was in the foyer of  the new castle for the small-screen version of Prince Charles. At once, it became my goal to make my own very old home look more royal.

Though I had just freshened up my space in January, I was eager to invite in spring with some monarchy-inspired details.

  • I replaced my cowhide rug with a washable area rug in a classic style found in timeless tapestry-inspired rugs, which have often been a symbol of luxury and affluence.
  • Luckily, my recent fringed-ottoman purchase fit right in with my vision.
  • Next, I ordered some carefully coordinated slipcovers for my existing throw pillows to save money and repurpose what I already had. I also replaced my pink faux-fur blanket with a lighter woven throw in a muted terra cotta to complement the ottoman.
  • I lightened the plant-heavy visual load and opted to add glints of reflected light into the room by using thrifted vintage glass.
  • Finally, I brought some cherished paintings from one of my favorite artists into the space to add bold color amid the old glass and quirky sculptures. Since one of the pieces was commissioned, I definitely felt like a queen as I carefully placed it among my prized antiques.

The changes to the room aren’t drastic in terms of price or labor. I spent less than $200 and two hours on the update. Yet the difference is immediately noticeable and quite dramatic compared to the soft neutrals I had been rocking. Fortunately, this new rug will hide far more crimes committed by my teens and their friends — who, sadly, don’t share my desire to keep our home looking like we have palace staff.

“The Crown” may have ended on Netflix, but the style will long live in my home (or at least for one or two seasons).

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