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Cultivated Curiosities: Latest Interior Trend Brings Home Abundance

If you’ve been paying attention to the current maximalism trends in interior design, you know what my house has forever looked like and might be noticing that everything old is new again. This approach is great for those of us who struggled with Marie Kondo — because everything brings us joy.

Fortunately, we may now embrace abundance.

If you already managed to minimalize your home or office, the beauty of this trend is that it is incredibly easy to build upon what you already have without spending a fortune. The best places, in my experience, to find what is hottest in this era are my usual haunts: thrift stores, antique shops, estate sales, architectural salvage outlets and the outdoors.

If it wasn’t already my way of life, here are the items I would keep an eye out for to curate a gorgeous maximalist space:

  • Anything old and brass: Seek out vintage candle holders for pillars or tapers, sculptures, door stops and trays. If you find polished brass pieces, the internet is full of ways to age them quickly, so they look more weathered. Pewter and silver items also are great, but displaying them in groups by color helps create a luxurious feel.
  • Chunky picture frames: Bonus points if you find ones that are gold and/or gilded. It doesn’t even matter the size. Depending on your palette, you can spray them whatever color fits your motif.
  • Art: Probably my favorite element of this trend, old paintings and reproductions are having a moment. Even if you don’t love the classics, old coffee table books about artists or styles can be a great way to fill your chunky frames with work that looks priceless.
  • Bookshelves: There’s a term floating around I love:
  • shelf wealth. The more books and art on our shelves, the more wisdom we’ve accumulated — our truest wealth. My favorite shelves are old wood built-ins, but if you currently have modern bookcases, you can get ideas from makeover hack videos. It’s incredible what people do with a paintbrush and a few nails.
  • Vintage glass: Old medicine bottles, fancy candy dishes, urns and unique jars — these things can all be filled with your favorite foliage and treasures.
  • Sticks and stones: No, really. Interesting pieces of wood, rock collections, feathers, acorns, pinecones, even foliage — all of those curious, organic items you find in your travels now have a meaningful purpose in your home.

The idea is to surround yourself with inspiration and beauty. Whose life isn’t richer for that?

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