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Cultivating Community: Dewitt Millennium Garden Club Blooms With Purpose

What began as a seed of an idea for friendship and community pride has sprouted, blossomed and bloomed into the DeWitt Millennium Garden Club nearly 24 years later.

Established in fall 2000 and becoming a nonprofit in 2009, the organization established roots among gardening enthusiasts at the local level and has branched out with larger organizations, such Michigan Garden Clubs Inc. and National Garden Clubs Inc.

In spring 2000, club founders Nancy Backus and JoAnn Backus had just completed their Master Gardener class in Eaton County. During that time, the idea of starting a club came to Nancy Backus, with the goal of making a difference in the community by bringing people together through their joy of gardening.

The club looks over six special gardens: the Welcome Garden, All Kids Playground, the Blue & Gold Star Memorial Garden, the Healing Garden & Labyrinth, Memorial Garden, and the Percy Carris Native Plant Garden. It also tends to the downtown city planters, flower boxes on the bridge and the daffodils around town.

The DeWitt Millennium Garden Club welcomes all who share its passion for gardening and community enrichment. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just discovering your green thumb, there’s a place for you in the club. Those interested in getting involved can connect with the club via their Facebook page or reach out via email at