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Cup O’ Joe Roadshow: Five Independent Spots for Coffee in the 517

It kick-starts the morning and is the coal that keeps the furnace burning red-hot throughout the day. For many of us, the idea of facing the world without that daily jolt of coffee is a dire proposition. People are extremely particular when it comes to this peculiar poison, but here are five independent spots in the region that are doing it right. So, as Irving Berlin wrote in his 1932 Depression-era song, let’s have another cup o’ coffee, and let’s have another piece o’ pie.

The 517 Coffee Co.

It seems like this is the most obvious place to start when we’re talking about independent coffee in the 517. Talk about on the nose! The 517 Coffee Co. at 6030 S. Martin Luther King Blvd. in Lansing has everything from specialty coffees to non-coffee drinks on its menu. The business roasts on Mondays and ships or delivers on Tuesdays. It even has coffee subscriptions available.

BlackDog Coffee

Located at 120 W. Hamlin St. in Eaton Rapids, BlackDog Coffee takes local to a new level. Everything from the cold brew to the cream is crafted in-house, and the business collaborates with multiple Michigan-based partners to ensure quality and freshness with intention. The owners have a long history of supporting the small community, which they are committed to continuing.


It’s hard not to think of the 1968 Blue Swede classic when it comes to coffee, because it definitely has us hooked on a feeling. But at Hooked, 3142 E. Michigan Ave. in Lansing, there’s much more to feel. Coffee may set the tone at Hooked, but the business is also a bookstore and wine bar, providing a great, relaxing, bohemian and literary vibe to sip by.

Taste Coffee Co.

Salt has pepper. Peanut butter has jelly. And Taste Coffee Co., 3056 Okemos Road in Mason, has another pairing made in heaven — a bakery. With a wide range of coffee and tea selections — and all syrups made in-house in small batches — Taste also pleases every palate with everything from energy bars, cookies and bagels to soft pretzels, cinnamon rolls and scones.

Chateau Coffee Co.

Inspired by Mediterranean and French specialty coffee shops, Chateau Coffee Co. at 1701 S. Waverly Road in Lansing brings the world to your table with anything from traditional Arabic coffee to French croissants and Lebanese baklava. The establishment combines its core values of quality and convenience with a warm and inviting experience.