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Digging Deeper Than the Surface

The new year can bring with it a time to self-reflect. Most people concentrate on the exterior, often forgetting a healthy life starts f…

The new year can bring with it a time to self-reflect. Most people concentrate on the exterior, often forgetting a healthy life starts from the inside.

One local woman knows the importance of being healthy inside and out every day of the year. Gita Mahabir – licensed professional counselor, licensed esthetician and founder of Mahabir Wellness – works with women in the Greater Lansing area to achieve a total transformation, starting with the inside but not forgetting the outside. In a day and age where body image is basically everything, Mahabir understands the relationship between body image and the mental health issues that come along with it.

“I believe it’s really important to take care of your inside and not just your outside. They go hand-in-hand to feel like a complete human being,” Mahabir explained. “Everyone and everything should feel beautiful both inside and out.”

She opened Mahabir Wellness a little over 2 ½ years ago but has practiced the art of being an esthetician for more that 20 years. She offers women and men customized counseling services and advanced skin care options accompanied with a proactive approach to counseling and medical-grade skin care products. By utilizing top-of-the-line/platinum products, Mahabir is able to offer clients less invasive treatments that still deliver big results. She uses only medical-grade products at her boutique practice because they work on more of a cellular level and are bacteria-free, where nonmedical products can carry up to 70% bacteria.

“There are people who still want results but not the intrusion or invasive skin care,” Mahabir said. “So, I’ve coined advanced skin care, meaning I pull together machines, techniques and medical-grade skin care products that can offer people strong results, but without toxins or invasive procedures.”

Mahabir consults with clients as a way to get to the physical and psychological root of the reason for a visit. She also works to educate, guide and advise her clients as to what would be best for them, but also giving them what they desire most in both skin care and counseling. Mahabir explained that when a client leaves her transformation center, she wants them to feel relaxed, happy, beautiful, confident and with a positive mental outlook helping her feel at peace.

“I like to help them find their inner truth to make their road map,” Mahabir explained, “I really wanted to reach out to people and help them. My goal is to build depth and trust with all my clients.”

With around 11 years’ experience in counseling, Mahabir holds a master’s degree in counseling from Spring Arbor University and makes it a point to continue her training and education to offer the best options available to her clients. She offers a proactive and solutions-oriented approach to her counseling services, where she works hands-on with clients so they best benefit from her services.

“I’ve done a lot continuing education because so many things change in skin care,” Mahabir said. “It’s a different world than when I began. It’s a hugely different world, so I have gone to trainings, online and reading trainings, and so where I began and where I am now is very different.”

When not working to make clients healthy inside or out, the Miami native is usually somewhere around the community doing a wellness talk, showcasing or educating. Recently, Mahabir Wellness was among six other businesses in Meridian Township nominated for the Meridian Township Established Business of the Year Award by the Meridian Area Business Association. Mahabir said she could not be prouder to be recognized by her community.

“I really wanted to reach out to people and help them,” Mahabir explained. “My goal is to build depth and trust with all my clients.”

As someone who is constantly working to help better others, Mahabir also remembers to take time for herself to self-reflect, meditate and ultimately be comfortable in her own skin. She loves spending quality time with her 11-year-old son. Together they enjoy cooking up one of their favorites, laughing and outdoor activities. Mahabir also is an animal lover and has two cats she adores. She has recently found herself on the course playing in golf scrambles, and when weather permits she is always pleased to tend to her garden.


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