517 Magazine Publisher Creates Children’s Book for Pug Lovers

Who doesn’t love the squishy face and feisty personality of a pug?

Who doesn’t love the squishy face and feisty personality of a pug?

According to the American Kennel Club, the pug’s motto is the Latin phrase “multum in parvo,” or “a lot in a little.” That accurately describes the pugs Tiffany Dowling has written about in her new book, “Pug Love.

Dowling, publisher of 517 Magazine and president and CEO of M3 Group, used some of her early pandemic downtime to write the book, which is illustrated by graphic designer and artist Lauren Brumbach.

Pug Love” tells the tale of Otis the pug; his brother, Chester: and their brotherly bond through fun rhymes and pictures.

Otis and Chester are real-life brothers, both living in the Lansing area. Taking the lead in rambunctious behavior is Otis, who is the life of the party, according to Pug Love Publishing’s website. Otis is also described as a “gourmand with refined taste, he prefers the upscale-dining experience of food from your hand over whatever pedestrian offering can be found in his bowl.”

Chester is the calm yin to Otis’ yang. Calm and amiable, Chester is described as having an “uncanny ability to locate the coziest spot in any blanket, where he can typically be found at any time of the day or night, as well as his Zen-like introspection that allows him to tune out noise from other dogs or humans.”

They are often seen at the workplace of their humans, a dog-friendly branding and marketing agency.

The pugs are best friends who enjoy adventure together and will certainly be seen in future books. Watch for the next in the series on the website.

From children to adults, pug lovers of any age will enjoy this book. For children, the story of the dogs’ friendship is sweet and memorable. For grownup pug lovers, the book’s beautiful oil paint on Bristol paper illustrations will be art in itself. This form of painting gives the chalky/muted look that makes the illustration stand out, according to Brumbach.

You can find the book on Amazon or on the website puglovepublishing.com.


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