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Feelin’ Groovy on National Donut Day

We’ve enjoyed our run with our friends at Groovy Donuts as the official Donut and Coffee Sponsor for the quarterly Connections and Coffee networking events. Even though we’ll be enjoying these tasty treats June 5 at our Connections and Coffee gathering at Burcham Hills, we think we can find several groovy reasons to get more doughnuts in our bellies to celebrate National Donut Day on June 7.

Enjoy these facts from our friends at Groovy Donuts.

  • In 1938, the first-ever National Donut Day was celebrated in Chicago, and the history of the Salvation Army’s “Donut Lassies” was officially immortalized. In 1917, these women were sent to France to establish field bases near the front lines. In makeshift huts, thousands of soldiers would come to stock up on essential goods and grab a sweet treat baked by the “Lassies.”.
  • Both the presence of these courageous women and the doughnuts that tasted of home brought a light of hope and happiness to the battlefield — a much-needed morale boost for languishing soldiers. Supplies were often sparse, so the Donut Lassies resorted to using cans and even steel helmets to fry up these patriotic pastries.
  • The Donut Lassies are also widely credited with popularizing the doughnut in the United States after the troops (commonly known as “doughboys”) came back from fighting in Europe.

National Donut Day is one of Groovy Donuts’ favorite holidays to celebrate. In fact, it is the second biggest day of the year, only behind Fat Tuesday, for Groovy Donuts. With that in mind, the business strongly encourages guests to place preorders for this pastry celebration. Groovy Donuts’ National Donut Day deals include:

  • A free classic doughnut for all online preorders with 24 hours’ notice.
  • A free classic doughnut with the purchase of any size coffee.
  • Buy-one, get-one coupons will be handed out with any purchase, limit one per customer.

Every week, Groovy Donuts offers a unique Donut of the Week, and National Donut Day weekend brings back a fan favorite known as the Pothole Donut — a yeast ring topped with chocolate icing, Oreo cookie crumbles and peanut-butter icing drizzles.

Groovy Donuts is at 313 W. Grand River Ave. in Williamston and 3054 E. Lake Lansing Road in East Lansing. For more information, visit