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Get on Board with a Great Gift for Mother’s Day

Get some great charcuterie board ideas for Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day — and Father’s Day — just around the corner, you may be racking your brain trying to think out of the box for gift giving.

You may just be “on board” with this idea.

Imagine serving Mom breakfast or lunch on a beautiful charcuterie board, also known as a cheeseboard. They’ve become more popular than ever.

The fact that you made a meal will please her, but then she’ll notice the beautiful board … and you may have to hold it for her while she raises the roof on this gift.

Of note, we love the DIY boards folks are making but safety is a concern. You’ll want something specially treated to serve food on, something durable and something that can easily be wiped down multiple times.

We did some research and found some beautiful charcuterie boards Mom (or Dad) will cherish.

Cambria, for example, has some pretty striking boards. They are American-made quartz surfaces, and we love the unique features. In fact, the company’s short board trays are available in the gorgeous Rosedale and muted Whitecliff styles with black or bright-green handles and are limited edition.

Now, onto what to serve and how.

  • You can serve whatever you like, but the boards you’ve probably seen include cured meats, cheeses, nuts, fruit, crackers and jellies.
  • Think food that you can eat in one to two bites.
  • Start with larger items and fill space with nuts and dried fruits.
  • Fresh thyme or rosemary looks great and adds greenery to your board.
  • Flowers or flower petals can give pops of color.

You don’t have to cover your board; the elegance of the board is part of its charm.

For breakfast, a bagel sandwich with a side of fruit would look lovely on your board.

Or you could do a pancake board with diced fruits.

For lunch, finger sandwiches and fruit would be a sweet treat.

For a snack, what about a special smores-themed board?

The options are endless. The key is to play a bit until you get what you like.

Back to the Cambria items we shared, we’ll leave you with the fact that it’s not just food you can place on the boards. Simply resting a shaving kit on them will be a wonderful gift for Dad.



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Get on Board with a Great Gift for Mother’s Day

Get some great charcuterie board ideas for Mother’s Day.

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