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Made in the USA: Another 517 Unique Holiday Gift List

They are not only unique, but you’ll find a common theme among them.

Here at 517 Magazine, we strongly encourage you to shop local, but we couldn’t resist conducting a courtesy search on your behalf for a few items that are gaining in popularity on a national level. They are not only unique, but you’ll find a common theme among them. Take a look, we think you’ll be intrigued. They are all meant to make you feel a little better in different ways.


A Fidget Ring

According to John Hopkins Medicine, about 1 in 4 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. On top of that, the Kaiser Family Foundation is reporting that 4 in 10 adults in the U.S. have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder during the pandemic. Patti + Ricky is an e-commerce site specializing in adaptive and inclusive fashion, accessories, and tools for adults and kids that can help with mental health and anxiety issues. The site offers stylish fidget jewelry like the fidget ring seen above, priced in the $20 range.


InstaCake Card

Send a celebration through a card for the sweet tooth in your life. InstaCake cards combine the love of a classic dessert with a memorable and interactive way to mark each occasion, all at the price of $18.99. All flavors are peanut-free, with gluten-free options available. Just select a card, pick the flavor, personalize the message, and let InstaCake cards do the rest and mail it for you! The business also offers a seasonal holiday card for those who want to sprinkle holiday cheer. We like this idea for secret Santa fun or for cheering someone up who is alone for the holidays and won’t get to enjoy many tasty treats.


Circul Ring

Everyone loves a health gadget. Maybe it’s because of a certain health condition or concerns about COVID-19 that you want to take things a step further. The Circul ring from Bodimetrics gives you an overview of the state of your respiratory well-being. By simply setting up your Circul ring, you get alerted if your blood-oxygen levels fall below a certain threshold, allowing you to get medical advice earlier and potentially seek earlier medical attention. The Circul ring is also impactful for post-hospital monitoring for respiratory relapse from pneumonia or other conditions, such as asthma or COPD.


Light therapy

Michigan winters can be tough, and they can trigger a little seasonal affective disorder. A unique light therapy lamp that you can sit on your desktop could help by mimicking the full spectrum of light found in daylight. That helps increase energy, boost your mood and enhance your focus. Yes, therapy lights are often available locally by subscription — but if you are looking for a supplemental light or one that can fit easily on your desk, this option may be for you or someone you love.


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