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MSU Hosts Afrofuturism Quilting Exhibit

An exhibition exploring connections between Black futures and legacies through the medium of quilting will run at the Michigan State University Union Gallery through July 31.

“Afrofuturism & Quilts: Materializing Black Futures & Black Womxn’s Quilt Legacies” draws inspiration from the themes of Afrofuturism, envisioning new realms for Black identity, culture and society. Each quilt showcased in the exhibition is expected to serve as an expression of the creators’ identities, experiences, beliefs and aspirations for a liberated Afrofuture.

“I’m honored to be part of this exhibition that celebrates the power and beauty of Black creativity,” said Liv Furman, curator and contributor to the exhibition. “Through quilting, we materialize Black futures and offer glimpses into a world of boundless possibilities and collective flourishing.”

Selected as one of four organizations to participate in the African American Craft Initiative in fall 2023, the MSU Museum is a sponsor of the “Afrofuturism & Quilts” exhibition. Artists invited to show their work include Diana Baird N’Diaye , April Shipp, Elka Stevens, Janda Lipker, Rebecca Lipker, Carole Lyles Shaw and Chiquita Whitfield. Several quilts included in the exhibition are sourced from the MSU Museum collection.

Accompanying the exhibition are various programs, including an opening reception scheduled for 5-7 p.m. April 19. For more information and registration information, visit