Distressed Furniture Without the Stress

My mother-in-law had an old piece of furniture she picked up from an estate sale that she didn’t have room for, so I took it off her hand…

My mother-in-law had an old piece of furniture she picked up from an estate sale that she didn’t have room for, so I took it off her hands and made a little extra storage in my kitchen for odds and ends such as my ridiculous collection of cookbooks and all of my seasonal candles. Not only does it save space and look pretty, it hides my obscene collection from my husband! Naturally he just thinks that I’m a creative cook with a good smelling house. And it is all thanks to this month’s DIY!
Step 1: First I cleaned my piece of furniture and removed all of the hardware and then used my favorite off-white paint (Sherwin Williams Swiss Coffee). I painted the entire piece of furniture and let it all dry.
Step 2: After it was dry, I took an electric sander and started to go over areas where I wanted to reveal the wood underneath. (Another option is to paint one color, let it dry, paint over it with another color and let that dry. Then start your sanding process and reveal the color you’d like. In my case, the wood underneath it was just fine to reveal). Keep using the sander to knick the corners and different areas of the furniture to show different “levels” of distress. Have fun with it, slide it across the surface, hit the corners and get creative! The best part about the distress look is that you can always “cover up mistakes” and paint over it and start over again, because it just adds to your distressed look.
Step 3: Dip your finger in the paint, rub it over some of the deep revealed areas and wipe it clean, leaving a little bit of the wood still revealed but creating different depths of distressed wood all over the piece. This gives your distressed piece some different levels and depths to create a look that will make it look like you bought it that way! This is also another way to “correct”
any mistakes.
Step 4: With white paint, you need to be careful with your seal. Polyurethane can yellow your paint overtime, so I did not seal this piece. It is rustic enough and easy to clean so I left it be. There are many seals out there, just ask your local hardware store what would be best for your project and what you are using the piece for.
Step 5: Add your new hardware and enjoy! I found some new knobs at Hobby Lobby and it helped create a fresh new look!


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