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Dodging the Draft: 6 Ways to Keep Your House Warm

There’s a chill in the air. The problem is it’s inside your home.

There’s a chill in the air. The problem is it’s inside your home. You know that new, more efficient windows or blown insulation in the attic or walls might be the answer. Your best bet is to call in a professional to determine where your problem is coming from and options to fix it.

In the meantime, here are a few ways you can keep your home toasty while you’re waiting for your appointment or saving up money for the work.


Shrink wrap those windows

This is a well-known go-to for keeping drafts to a minimum. As tedious as it is to hang, it is one of the first things you should try when you realize your home has a draft.


Reverse your ceiling fan

Many people don’t realize the ceiling fan’s job is not just to help cool a room by circulating the air, but it can also help bring heated air down to a lower level in large rooms with high slopes or cathedral ceilings. The trick is you must have a reversable blade with a button to reverse the rotation. You also have to run it on its lowest speed.


Move your furniture

Is your furniture blocking the flow of heat into your room? Did you know with forced-air you can actually house a pressure imbalance in your whole heating system if one portion is blocked? Either move your furniture or consider placing vent extenders and deflectors to help the heat move to where it belongs.


Close curtains at night

Daytime sun may help heat your home; however, as the sun sets, it gets colder. Curtains provide a little added protection by covering leaking air near window frames. A heavier, insulated curtain could make a big difference in keeping the cold out.


Lay down rugs

Not only will rugs help keep your feet warmer while walking through your home on uncarpeted floors, laying them down can also help insulate your home and reduce drafts that might creep through your floorboards.


Close your flue

It’s surprising how many people don’t think about how much warm air they lose through the fireplace flue when there is no fire burning. You may as well have a window open! When your fireplace is not in use, make sure your flue is closed.


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