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East Lansing Technology Innovation Center: Incubator on MSU campus gives birth to the tech cool

It gives a new meaning to the word motherboard. 

The 7,000-square-foot East Lansing Technology Innovation Center has served as a technology incubator of the campus of Michigan State University for the past 15 years — and the 120 businesses that have been birthed at the site might as well be considered its children.  

The TIC is made for a small business at any level. Founded in 2008 by the MSU Foundation, it provides a collaborative workspace, programmatic support and vital resources throughout its 19 offices and two conference rooms. A growing number of Lansing’s brightest and most forward- thinking entrepreneurial minds have converged there to share their ideas, learn from one another, and build exceptional companies and projects.  

Because of the resources that the TIC has to offer, a person’s business can be jettisoned from wherever they are to a huge expansion in a short amount of time. Katy Kelly of Total Reentry Solutions has been in business since 2018. She said she had more growth since March 2023 than in the previous five years of being in business. Kelly said it is a testament to “when people see the hustle, then people will connect with you. Being at the (TIC), they can customize the experience to you and what you do.” Kelly said that the connections she received through TIC activities helped her to link with Apple Inc.