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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

The unpredictable fashion of 2020.

Tie an Ensemble Together with That Special Item

Trends are headed in unique directions as 2020 presses on. It’s hard to predict where things will be in six months, and fashion choices are starting to reflect that. People aren’t necessarily back in offices yet or traveling and meeting face to face, so needs are changing and so are the trends to accommodate all the shifts.

One of my favorite things as a personal stylist is to find my clients their “hero pieces.” These are the items that look and make people feel amazing and tie the outfit together. So many brands are pivoting toward more of these types of fashion staples.

It used to be that hero pieces could be anything, like a fabulous pair of shoes or an amazing accessory. But now brands are shifting, and hero pieces are usually an article of clothing — more essential items — for a more conscientious economical buyer.

Those pieces can now be a white T-shirt that makes you look and feel great every time you put it on. That T-shirt can also be worn many different ways, whether under a nicely tailored blazer with trousers or more casual with a pair of faux leather joggers or for a night out with a sequin skirt. That’s a hero piece.

Now it seems hero pieces are reflecting people’s sensibility in fashion. Designers are more focused on solid colors and simplicity, things to stand the test of time.

A good example of this is San Francisco-based designer Evan Kinori with his simple — almost androgynous — lines blowing up. He makes soft, comfortable easy-wear clothing with a small color palette that seems to be just what people are looking for right now.

So find your hero pieces in your closet, and that can help you look at your wardrobe in a whole new light. Even if you are stuck inside the house, it never hurts to have a look you love.


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