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A Touch of Magic: Art is More Than it Seems at La Fille Gallery

Think about the first time you saw a magic trick and how enthralled you were. There was a sense of excitement in wondering how the magic happened. I had a similar feeling when I first visited Tiffany Marie Klein’s studio space hiding in Old Town Lansing. That small 600-square-foot space was filled with magic. Klein was just starting her venture of turning her dreams of artful creation into reality.

Over the years, those dreams found creative ways of making spaces seem much more than they were. From there came what you can now find in the shadow of the Capitol on Michigan Avenue, where La Fille Gallery currently lives.

When she first saw the space, the thought of breathing life back into a building that hadn’t been used for decades seemed daunting. Self-doubt caused Klein to pause. As she spent time in the building, imagining possibilities and solutions, she spoke to the universe to show her a sign. She turned a corner lifted a toilet seat and found a wise old owl painted on the bottom of the lid. It was then that Klein knew it would be a wise decision to move her operation to the10,000-square-foot gallery space —  where she could invite people in to explore how they can create artwork that spoke about the tapestry of life. You’ll find owls in many of her works.

Klein invites the public to immerse themselves in the work; and it is easy to do because it wholly surrounds you. You’re basically swimming in shapes and colors that bring excitement to your soul. As you touch a counter that feels like marble, or rub your hand down a column that feels like wood, or slide your fingers through the grooves formed by what feels like rope, she reveals to you that it is all made from concrete.

That’s when you realize that your mind is playing tricks on you — but the true magic is in the art of Klein. She’s more than an artist; her creations make her seem more like an amazing alchemist.

See for yourself. La Fille Gallery is at 336 E. Michigan Ave. in Lansing.