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Celebrate In-person Learning in Your Fashion Choices

No, the clothing doesn’t make the man, but it helps tell his story. Like it or not, optics matter in every single setting in life. How…

No, the clothing doesn’t make the man, but it helps tell his story.

Like it or not, optics matter in every single setting in life. How you dress at work sends a number of signals about how you view the environment, how much respect you have for your work and yourself, and where you think you belong.

Your willingness to put the effort in to dress for success is telling, especially if the work you do aligns with that.


Elevate your style

If the position you want is of a higher grade and pay rate, you may notice a different style in what those officeholders wear to work. Leadership and management positions are often in meetings and dressed as such with blazers and simple accessories. Women can step up from a cardigan to a crisp jacket. Men can go from khakis to dress pants.

It’s not always about what others think

Despite wanting to show others you are professional, dressing for success sets you up for success by elevating your confidence. This empowerment actually leads to better creativity.


Walk the fine line

Before you go all Tyra Banks, dressing for the job you want can take restraint. You can actually overdo it. Remember Coco Chanel’s famous quote, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Some businesses have actually toned down their dress codes now that many are back to work following pandemic stay-at-home orders. But it doesn’t mean your clothing should be sloppy. Look for crisp fabrics that are still comfortable. Choose colors that are professional yet give just a bit of personality.

You may not want to admit it, but dressing up for work sends nonverbal cues and is a chance to make a positive impression on people who have no idea how good you are at your job.


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