Celebrate In-Person Learning with Fashion Choices

Cozy was the name of the game last year, but this year you won’t see any sweats.

It’s back-to-school shopping time — and what a difference a year makes.

The vast majority of students will be in person now and going out and purchasing new supplies and clothes. Getting back out and running all those errands can be daunting; however, here are some great ways to minimize your running and maximizing your time.

Maybe many people are already aware of the fact that stores now offer bundles of school supplies. I just discovered this, and I am loving it. Meijer, Walmart and eBay have created fabulous bundles according to the grade level of your child. They have all the basic requirements, so all you have to do is grab a bundle and whatever extras your child’s class requires and they will ship it to you. It’s a big time saver. The bundles range from $39-$49, which seems like a great price.

For back-to-school clothes shopping, the future is bright and embracing the Roaring ’20s. There are so many options to embrace our new al fresco lifestyle, such as ski sweaters with bright colors and patterns as well as lots of great puffer vests, shirts and jackets to layer to be in an indoor or outdoor classroom. Cozy was the name of the game last year, but this year you won’t see any sweats. The fabrics are still soft, and the fits are oversized but with more silhouettes shining through.

The Sparrow Advantage

I think the takeaway from all my research and my gut feeling is the more the merrier. We haven’t been able to dress for anything for a year. So, if you’re going to celebrate something. do it with every fiber — including your clothes.


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