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Connections and Coffee

Faith and Feminism Merge at Socialight Society

A wondrous journey can begin by simply turning the page. Books can enlighten, educate, and inspire.

Nyshell Lawrence, owner of Socialight Society, wants people to know that her bookstore inside the Lansing Mall does just that. It is also a place where faith is merged with feminism.

“Faith sometimes leaves feminism out,” Lawrence said. “People should not be hesitant to explore both simultaneously.”

Lawrence goes on to say that she wants people to know that Socialight Society is, “a sanctuary for women. Women can feel seen. It feels like home. It feels like comfort.”

Socialight Society’s normal open hours are middays Tuesdays through Fridays, all day Saturday and every second Sunday of the month. It’s also a space for book clubs and women’s groups, as well as author events. Socialight Society is a collection of curated classic, contemporary and children’s titles predominantly written by Black women, a genre traditionally underrepresented in traditional bookstores. Socialight Society also carries gift items created by Black women-owned brands that are both local and national.

Lawrence talks about the importance of people knowing that Socialight Society is a space that “showcases what is great and sometimes dismissed in greater society.”

Lawrence wants Socialight Society to be a space “where people can come in, specifically Black, to gather, talk and meet to truly build community at its core essence and Black excellence.”

Aim your light to carved-out corners of representation and acceptance, grab a seat, and feel at home and at peace at the Socialight Society bookshop.