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Tips for elevating your IG feed for business

Tips for elevating your IG feed for businesses and beginner social media influencers

Having a well-followed and appealing social presence like the ones you are following on Instagram is an achievable goal if you are willing to put the time into it.

Sure, professional photography with a DSLR camera can amplify your social media presence. But with better and better cameras available on cellphones and a bit of creativity, your imagery and videos can still stand out and be impactful. Here are a few tips that could elevate your work.

First and foremost, lighting is key.

If you want to really elevate your social media aesthetics, light is the one thing you want to master.

Many influencers are using LED ring lights and other constant lighting for indoor video and photos. Prices vary wildly on these items, so it’s worth doing your research. The Diva Ring Light is consistently popular for videos among influencers, as well as the Lume Cube and Neewer models. If you aren’t a fan of those lighted iris circles they create, you can opt for the square video lights.

No budget for lighting of any kind? Natural light can be your best friend. You simply have your subject or product at an angle near a window and diffuse the light with a sheer curtain if needed. Shoot with your back to the window but not blocking the light to your subject. Subtle movement of the subject can dramatically change the lighting. In this instance, practice makes perfect. Best natural lighting when you are outside? Find open shade and embrace natural diffusers like clouds.

Our expert tip, avoid using a cellphone camera flash. It makes an image flat and unappealing.

You can also elevate your photos by researching depth of field, the rule of thirds and playing with angles. Popular tips include flipping your camera upside down for vertical images and using panorama mode for not just horizontal but vertical images.

Your backgrounds should be consistent with your branding or your platform. Research your favorite brand or influencer and notice how each post has a commonality not only in look but in the words. Creating trust and an affinity for your posts will come through consistency.


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