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LiveWell Helps the Healing Process Begin

Metro Melik takes you inside LiveWell, a healing community.

Life is busy. Responsibilities, wants and desires pull us in many directions.

The competitive struggle can be daunting. The ambition to succeed and the eagerness to please, or even make ends meet, can be suffocating. Even with all this, it’s not difficult to find a sanctuary for being calm and at peace. And that can help you live well.

After the pandemic lingered, Alexis Schneider observed that people were clamoring for connection. Through the chaos, people still wanted to be able to live well, and that’s where the story begins — in her backyard.

Schneider has a history working with people with disabilities as well as a background in mental health. However, the question she posed is, “Where do seemingly healthy people go?” It would seem that there isn’t a support group for those who have things under control but could use a little guidance along with camaraderie.

With that, Schneider purchased a bell tent and invited people to sit in a circle, allowing them to come “naked and afraid” but fully clothed. As she was hosting community campfires, she was working with people on finding ways to slow down their minds and body so that they can get back to the center. Through that experience, Schneider created LiveWell, tucked away and hiding in plain sight on the east side of Lansing at 2820 Covington Court.

Services offered at LiveWell include independent healing services, energy medicine, counseling, music therapy and body movement therapy along with workshops, an infrared sauna, a salt booth, a healing lounge and a community gathering space. Schneider wants to empower people to use the space so they have an opportunity to get “unstuck” from everything that weighs them down.

“Life can be busy, and the emotional layers can make you feel like you’re losing in life,” Schneider said. “At LiveWell, it can help you dissolve these layers. Healing is a process. People are grateful to have found the space to have this experience with others so they wouldn’t have to feel alone. It’s helping people get back to love.”


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