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Make Your Home Porch Perfect

What’s popular in porch décor for 2022?

Ask many a Michigander, and they’ll tell you fall is their favorite season.

While the official first day of fall isn’t until Sept. 22, we’ll start to see the signs early in the month. The very subtle changes in foliage, flannel shirts begin to make their appearance — heck, even Hobby Lobby had its fall merchandise on the shelves in July. Some of us were as pumped as a large, non-fat, iced, caramel macchiato with two pumps of pumpkin spice.

We take fall seriously here in the Mitten State.

You may also notice the Joneses stepping up their fall game this year. Ready for battle? Want your home to have the best fall curb appeal on the block? We’ve got your back, Jack.

Start by clearing out the clutter — trim and prune your bushes, trees and shrubs. It’s amazing what a difference a well-tended landscape can make. Follow that up with a little pressure wash on your porch and deck, just like you did in the spring.

If you want amazing curb appeal and a welcoming entrance to your home’s exterior, summon the fall porch plants. From mums in rust, magenta and yellow to marigolds, sunflowers and even ornamental kale, you’ll really light up the landscape with gorgeous fall color. They look beautiful mixed in with varying shades of pumpkins and gourds that you can add in October.

What’s popular in porch décor for 2022? Porches in Scandinavian style are expected to be very popular again this year. Throw a chunky knit over the rocker, add lanterns, handwoven rattan pumpkins and even some neutral pampas grass into the mix for a serene style that is very warm and inviting. Amber lights also bring in the fall tones and calming effect that says, “Stay awhile.”

Blankets and pillows in buffalo check are back and still look fantastic and inviting. Stay sleek in black and white and add pops of color with floral arrangements.

Hometown pumpkins are also being pinned left and right on Pinterest. You can show off your hometown pride by DIYing a painted pumpkin with your area code. You can also print a decal of your state’s shape, just be sure to paint a coating over it so that the elements don’t make it peel.

We’ve got you started, and we can sense your creative side starting to imagine the possibilities.

If you do anything amazing, feel free to send us a picture at

Happy almost fall, y’all!


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