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Making A Valentine’s Date Night at Home Special

Making someone feel special is in fashion for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day makes me think of romantic dinners and gestures. But if you aren’t comfortable going out, you can make someone feel special or adored right at home.

First and foremost, make the evening feel special by getting dressed up, putting on makeup, doing your hair and giving yourself the gift of self-care. Cast the yoga pants or sweats aside and make an effort. It will show you are present and in the moment.

My husband did a romantic date night at home, and it was very special. He told me he was taking me out and for me to dress up. Once I was ready, he took me to our family room where he had a romantic table for two lit with candles and he put a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the TV, which created the perfect view. Then the best part was he had our kids dress up and be the servers. I think he paid them because they did an excellent job and were very attentive.

Key elements for date night are lighting and scenery. Make sure the lights are low and lots of candles are lit. Nice touches like fabric napkins and tablecloths soften the overall feel of the room. On the table, it’s nice to have some things that sparkle in the candlelight such as wine glasses or glass candleholders. Of course, some fresh-cut flowers are always a lovely and romantic finishing touch.

While this is a fashion column, a date night in isn’t necessarily about the fashion. It’s all about the heart you put into it.

No matter what you decide to do to make your loved one feel special, any effort will make them feel special and will be appreciated.


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