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Sophia Kinne: Finding Hidden Beauty

“Some of the most beautiful days are when it rains,” Sophia Kinne said. While most people wouldn’t think so, a rainy day is not a bad da…

“Some of the most beautiful days are when it rains,” Sophia Kinne said.

While most people wouldn’t think so, a rainy day is not a bad day for Kinne. She embraces and appreciates the beauty of every little thing in life amidst constant challenges.

When she was just 15 years old, Kinne, now 28, was involved in a serious car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. After waking from a three-week coma, she had to learn everything over, even how to swallow. As time went on, she remembered more and more.

“It was like growing up really fast,” Kinne said.

Since that life-changing day, Kinne has continued to heal and grow — in her personal and professional life. She lives very independently in a new apartment in Lansing furnished with some of her own handmade art, including decorated lamps and a table made from a creatively painted fish tank.

She is unable to drive, so she lives within walking distance of her workplace, Lansing Urgent Care, where she has been employed since November. Here she ensures and maintains the proper materials for all exam rooms. Kinne is a Certified Nursing Assistant from Latoya’s School of Nursing and a graduate of Delta College. To finally be working in the health and nursing field is very rewarding for Kinne.

“I love it more than anything, I’m so excited to go there and work,” she said.

Kinne enjoys making things at home and her unique pieces feature light, color and everyday objects. Her art is showcased at Absolute Gallery in Old Town and Imports Channel in Meridian Mall, but her goal is simply to share her talent.

She also has a passion for music, especially Bob Marley, because “I know what he’s saying in his words; he makes me smile.” She also writes poetry and does some photography and drawing.

Some of her biggest challenges have been working meticulously through school, job searching, her slower speech and being around people that don’t know her story. People act differently around her, she said, to which she just returns a kind smile.

“All I try to do is love everything as much as I can, and that makes it worth it,” Kinne said, who believes that with life’s daily obstacles comes life’s
inherent beauty.


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