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Five Outdoor Activities to Enjoy this Season

We all feel it. When the weather once again starts to become bearable, we can’t wait to finally awaken from our winter hibernation, get back outside and enjoy the world. Here’s five outdoor activities to celebrate the season. 

Francis Park 

How many roses can you name? The formal rose garden at Francis Park, 2701 Moores River Drive in Lansing, has over 155 varieties of roses and has been recognized for its outstanding rose garden maintenance. 

MSU Gardens 

The Michigan State University Horticulture Gardens, 1066 Bogue St. in East Lansing, are a 14-acre garden and a resource for any gardeners or lovers of leaves. Children of all ages are welcome to hike around and look at all the displays and garden designs. 

Fishing Spots 

There is a plethora of fishing spots around if you’re looking to spend some quality time by the river. Burchfield, Hawk Island and Lake Lansing Park South are some of the parks in Ingham County that have access to fishing. 

Build a Bat House 

Don’t settle for a normal bird house when you can build a bat house. Bats are healthy for the environment and keep the bug population down. And just like birds and bees, bats are fantastic pollinators. 

Garden Shops 

Get your hands dirty with your garden this spring. If you need some supplies, local garden shops have your back. Whether it’s flowers or vegetables, they’ll always be able to help.