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Five reads for mind, body and spirit

Maybe health and fitness were never a concern for you. Whether you thought you were born with good genes, but you no longer find that to be true — or your good jeans don’t fit any longer — we understand. Here are five good reads to get you on track to your health and fitness goals: mind, body and spirit.

First off, the road to good health starts with your diet. A sustainable diet is key. You can lose 50 pounds on any plan, but unless it’s a plan you can adopt for life, it’s not going to last. “EMBRACE YOU: YOUR GUIDE TO TRANSFORMING WEIGHT LOSS MISCONCEPTIONS INTO LIFELONG WELLNESS” by Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie is a relatable book that provides realistic and sustainable tips and education on weight loss. calls it the best overall weight-loss book.

Movement is another sustainable approach to weight loss, and “BUILT TO MOVE: THE 10 ESSENTIAL HABITS TO HELP YOU MOVE FREELY AND LIVE FULLY” by Kelly and Juliet Starrett is an Amazon bestseller. It makes sense. After all, the Starretts spent decades working alongside pro athletes to Olympians to Navy SEALs. The book offers a formula for basic mobility maintenance and intuitive ways to build more movement into your everyday life.

“MINDSIGHT: THE NEW SCIENCE OF PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION” by Dr. Daniel J. Siegel is a bestseller that comes from a pioneer in the mental health field. If there is a memory you can’t let go of, or a behavior or pattern you recognize that you can’t seem to change, the book could help with practical illustration to master emotions and become your greatest self.

“YOUNG FOREVER: THE SECRETS TO LIVING YOUR LONGEST, HEALTHIEST LIFE” by Dr. Mark Hyman is a guide to reverse disease as well as ease pain. Hyman explores aging hallmarks and shows the potential in overcoming the consequences with diet and lifestyle changes.

“THE BOOK OF LYMPH: SELF-CARE PRACTICES TO ENHANCE IMMUNITY, HEALTH AND BEAUTY” by Lisa Levitt Gainsley offers guidance and information on the art of lymphatic massage. As a veteran lymphatic drainage practitioner, Gainsley shares techniques she developed for her powerful Los Angeles clients.

Disclaimer: 517 Magazine only offers books with medical or therapeutic guidance for educational and entertainment purposes and does not recommend them as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult a medical professional if you are seeking medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.